Tuesday, August 18, 2009

chatsworth, In house and garden series

Chatsworth, located within the peak district area which is Britain's first national park, established in 1951. This is my second experience visit peak district because i visited Castleton during commencement of my summer course.

This time is totally another feel of experience compare to Castleton as this place is a tourist spot for sure and it is a country large or i should i say "large country house". Besides, countless antique within the mansion, you will worries for ur entire life salary to repay if you really wana damage or break the antique. Unfortunately, there is too much tourist on that day...-_-, my mood totally ruined hence not pretty much photos in the mansion plus lighting not really benefit me as well.

original draft of the Chatsworth:

Luckily, there are many great scenery and flower let me to take photos...obviously, the garden can only use "enormously huge!" to describe the garden size. Here is some photos:


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