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Historical York!

13rd of June, Saturday, Local weather report shown there will be cloudy and rainy day in York. Therefore, i was not expected for a great trip at all... 1 hours of coach travelling together with marketing student, yeah~! Definitely gonna be a lot chicks within the coach but it really disappointed because the only 4 of us from construction management ain't handsome and attractive enough and we feel like dropout in the coach...
when i'm just step out the couch...the wall was awaiting for me for's really looks familiar with Great Wall of China

An interesting shoot which focus partially at the wall and creating an interesting foreground of the York Minster building.

This Tower so called as "Clifford's Tower", the tower gained its present name when Roger de Clifford was executed by Edward II for treason in 1322. Clifford's Tower is all that remains of York Castle. William the Conqueror built a wooden castle here in 1086, atop a high conical mound over looking the River Ouse.

That first castle was burned by rebellious natives, and a second one built. That building saw one of the most horrifying episodes in York's colourful history in 1190.

A mob of citizens rioted against the Jewish population of York, and 1190 of the Jews took refuge inside the castle. Many of the Jews committed suicide rather than allow themselves to be captured by the bloodthirsty mob outside, and more died when the building was set on fire. The remainder were slaughtered by the mob.

Another wooden castle was built to replace the burned building, but this blew down in the 13th century. A new stone castle in a quatrefoil shape was built in 1270 on the orders of Henry III. The roof of the tower was lost to fire in 1684.

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George Leeman

The Statue of George Leeman

1809AD - 1882AD

Emerging from the railway station and walking towards the city you can’t ignore the impressive statue of George Leeman standing outside the first arch in the city walls.

Leeman was a successful lawyer and politician, but it was his impact on the railways that was his greatest legacy. He played a significant part in the investigations into illegal share dealings that led to the downfall of his political opponent, George Hudson, the “Railway King” .

In 1849 he succeeded Hudson as Chairman of the York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway and promoted the mergers which created the North Eastern Railway Company in 1854. The North Eastern, with its headquarters in York, became one of the wealthiest railways in the country and he was chairman from 1874 to 1880.

Born in York in 1809, articled to a York solicitor, Leeman established a very successful legal practice in 1835. An Alderman of the city for 28 years he was elected Lord Mayor on three occasions and was a Member of Parliament for York between 1865 and 1880. In these roles he was a staunch defender of Yorks’ antiquities and pushed through the restoration of much of the city walls.

Outside York he was a prime mover in the development in the 1860’s of iron ore mining in Rosedale to supply the Teeside steel works. At national level he was Chairman of the Railway Association of Great Britain and in 1875 at Darlington presided over the celebrations of the first fifty years of railways.

His contributions to the development of York were appropriately recognised in the statue of him carved by the York sculptor GW Milburn and paid for by public subscription.

Castle Museum
York Castle Museum is one of Britain's leading museums of everyday life. It shows how people used to live by displaying thousands of household objects and by recreating rooms, shops, streets - and even prison cells.(sources from

It's looks terrify church with the cloud! Anyway, York known as Ghost Town as well...

FAST! it's actually EAST but i had done some modification with the photo by add-in motion blur...Instead of EAST, it turn into FAST after i edited...
This train actually just stop by but it looks dull, so why don't add some liveness effect on it~

Up-town feeling...Surely feel like gonna stay here permanently

As i told you guys, endless Catholic church in England...

Self-made post card, who want? PM me if you are interested...3q...XD

A bottom angle from York Minster to the infinite sky

Typical landscape shoot from side

What a crowded scene...even though cost several pounds for go in visit but still many tourists manage to take a real glimpse of what's in the York Minster...Unfortunately, i rather save up for my subway meal...

Lastly, i present the "Constantine the Great" statue right beside of York Minster Building.
Saint Constantine, who proclaimed the First Christian Emperor in Roman yet was Roman Emperor from 306, and the undisputed holder of that office from 324 until his death in 337.

It's a great trip for sure but make sure you must have your best pal in here which is your SHOE!
It's awful that you gonna travel the whole city.

Beside, i'd kill around 360 shutter count but most of them wana made for HDR process but all the software was crashed! damn...


Je m'appelle CPS said... pictures enough, lazy 2 read ur long story :p overall de photo shooting was nice, worth 2 kill ur 300+ shutter counts :)

Lydia said...

whoa,u are history teller >.<

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